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The numbers on how GenZ and Millenials are shaping the workforce.

Happy Sunday, pals!

Time to feel young again and live vicariously through the next generation of the workforce.

⛈️ Gen Z taking the world by storm ⛈️ 

I honestly LOVE Gen Z in the workforce. Their dark sense of humor and ability to set healthy boundaries is truly inspirational. Seeing the next generation truly understand the relationship between employers and employees for what it is is awesome.


Im a GenZ in Corporate! #genz #corporate

This week had all eyes on the new kids on the block as both Upwork and Deloitte released their Gen Z research. Let me bring you through some topline figures, but I recommend going through both reports in finer detail as there’s a lot of good stuff in there.

Shoutout to Kelly Monahan and the team for yet another great research release.

  • They favor non-traditional employment - 53% of Gen Z freelancers work full-time hours on freelance projects

  • They’re intrinsically motivated - They rank feeling valued, having autonomy, and connecting work with impact highly compared to pay and performance goals.

  • They’re self-educated - 33% of Gen Zers said they’ve engaged in self-education for AI training compared to 31% of Millennials, 18% of Gen X, and 10% of Baby Boomers.

  • They use work marketplaces - Portfolio Careerists are 30% more likely to be extremely familiar with online platforms to find work and are more likely to be very optimistic about their future job opportunities (52% compared to those who don’t use these platforms (33%)

This is a 36-page report detailing responses from 22,800 participants so do not think that my summary even comes close to covering everything 😅 

  • Cautiously optimistic about the economy and personal finances.
    32% of GenZ and 31% of Millennials are optimistic that their country will improve within the next year - the highest level of optimism seen post-pandemic.

  • Purpose influences workplace satisfaction.
    86% of GenZers and 89% of Millennials say having a sense of purpose is important to their overall job satisfaction and well-being.

  • Positive perceptions of AI increase with more hands-on experience.
    38% of GenZers and 36% of Millennials plan to participate in GenAI training within the next 12 months.

  • Work/life balance and flexibility remain paramount.
    25% of Gen Z's and 31% of Millennials say that good work/life balance was the top reason they chose their organization.

  • Mental health and workplace-induced stress levels are important to consider.
    51% of Gen Zs and 56% of Millennials rate their mental health is good or extremely good but their stress levels remain high according to 40% of Gen Zers and 35% of Millennials.

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