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“Weekly Workforce is one of my go-to resources for all things entrepreneurial and something I lap up over my morning coffee.

The insights and references are invaluable, consistently providing fresh perspectives on our industry. As an individual interested in the freelance space, I also get tid bits of solopreneurial wisdom as a bonus!

I highly recommend Weekly Workforce to anyone looking to stay ahead in the entrepreneurial world.”

Matt DowlingFounder @ Freelancer Club

“Great newsletter Eryn. These are so helpful. Well done.”

Rich WilsonCEO @ Gigged.ai

“I love receiving the emails from Eryn at Weekly Workforce. It's always a fun and positive way of looking at the work trends, backed with the latest news and data. The news are carefully curated and easy to digest.”

Beatriz CunhaLead Product Manager

“Eryn compiles so much information into really bitesize, digestible points. I'm so impressed by the number of sources she is able to draw on and I particularly like the fun tone and feel of the newsletter, so it never feels like hard word reading it. Keep up the good work, Eryn! :-)”

Katy FowlerTranslator, Editor, and Proofreader

“I love reading your weekly emails. Thank you for compiling all of this research every week, it's one of the most interesting and readable newsletters I get!”

Becky EmbreeCommunity Manager @ Topcoder

“Good email.”

Tyler DenkCEO @ Beehiiv